"From the gorgeous packaging to performance to thoughtful ingredients; Old Orchard checks all the boxes. It even checks a box I had no idea existed. The visual interest box. Old Orchard blurs the line between organic skincare and fine art elevating user experience to a whole new level." - Lisa,


"This pebble mask will blow your mind. Take whatever you thought you knew about masks, and put it aside because you’ve never seen anything like this." - Kate,


"Perhaps one of my favorite recent finds, this No. 16 Turmeric Oil Cleansing Cream by Old Orchard is an exfoliating cleanser that benefits all skin types by restoring balance and soothing conditions like acne, redness, and scarring without ever leaving the skin feeling stripped or dry!" - Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny

 "I had the honor of trying her No.16 Turmeric Oil Cleansing Cream, and was instantly blown away. The Cleansing Cream is packaged in a generous squeezable tube, and while it seems dense at first, it smoothes onto the skin like warm butter and is a similar gorgeous golden color.

I used the Turmeric Oil Cleansing Cream for a week straight.  I followed the instructions to massage onto my skin, steam with a warm cloth, when massage off.  I loved that she took the time to educate us on the best way to use her products, both on the packaging and on the website. 

I typically test products longer, but I did not need to with this!  My skin was noticeably smoother, had better elasticity and retained moisture better than usual.  I was very pleased with those results!"  - Stephanie Ann Ferguson

 "My face is left feeling calm and glowy. Also, between using this product and cutting dairy out of my diet, I have seen such a difference in my skin. No. 16 has also been doing a wonderful job at evening out my complexion; I immediately saw a decrease in redness. I honestly look forward to using this product each night, and it feels like a mini trip to the spa each time I use it. " -


 "Old Orchard makes the unique No. 16 Cleansing Cream, with hefty doses of turmeric and a slightly gritty texture for light exfoliation while you cleanse. From the first time I massaged it into my face, I was hooked!" - Sarita Coren